Lecturers at West Coast TVET College, Malmesbury campus noticed a gap in the overall awareness of students about their environment and the impact they have on it. Basic principles, general awareness of taking care of one’s surroundings, and being proud of the environment where the students are being educated seemed to be lacking.

A few lecturers took it upon themselves to initiate a project at the campus for students to learn about the environment, within the environment, and for the environment, with the main goal of creating awareness, and instilling basic values and principles about environmental issues. Issues such as waste disposal, pollution, recycling, and the effects that pollution has on the environment such as global warming that leads to extreme weather conditions that we have seen taking effect recently. From this, the West Coast TVET College TUCU (Team Up & Clean-Up) Project was born.

“Environmental education is an integral part of South Africa’s National Curriculum Statements, therefore our goal is mainly to create awareness through presenting the students with practical and fun projects on campus in order to “plant the seed” of caring for one’s environment and also to carry this awareness home to their local communities,” says Rhazia Hamza, Deputy Principal: Innovation and Development at West Coast TVET College.

The West Coast TVET College TUCU plan for 2022 will have 4 projects that the students and staff of the Malmesbury Campus can participate in that the include: planting of herb gardens, excursions, and other relative activities.

“We believe that this is just a start of the environmental awareness that we are creating amongst our students and staff, that this will soon spill over to each of our 5 campuses has their own TUCU Team that champions the environmental cause at the campus level for the college and that our students can take what they experience back to their communities to be their own environmental champions where they live,” added Rhazia.