The CET Colleges Act (No 16 of 2006) states that the function of the SRC is to ensure “the students of the college are represented by the SRC in all matters that may affect them”.

  • The Continuing Education and Training Colleges Act (2006) states that the establishment of the SRC must be determined by the College Council after consultation with the students of the college, subject to policy determined by the Members of the Executive Council.
  • In addition, the following have reference:
    – The Constitution of South Africa
    – The Batho Pele principle
    – The Manifesto on Values, Education and Democracy
    – Public Service Act

SRC and Leadership Development

  • Student Representative Council establishment and functioning
  • Leadership development of said candidates

The college acknowledges and values its Student Representative Council. Each campus has SRC representatives. Each campus SRC manages its own student affairs. An Executive Committee comprising of ten members is elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM). The President and Deputy President of the SRC represent the student population on the West Coast College Council.

Every year an extensive leadership development programme is implemented to assist the SRC with fulfilling their roles and responsibilities as the mouthpiece of the student community. The SRC assists Student Support Officers to arrange various campus activities that include sport, recreation and cultural events, talent shows and community outreach projects

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