The CFERI combines together the different services related to the entrepreneurial process under one roof
Service Description
Training & Coaching
 one- on- one sessions by Centre staff to assist clients on the day-to-day issues in their businesses.
 clients will be assisted to refine their innovative business ideas adopt appropriate business models; develop and aligning strategy; market research; record keeping etc.
 Seminars and workshops will be conducted on a variety of topics
 The CFERI has access to a pool mentors with sector specific technical and business know
 A mentorship contract will be signed a set of goals agreed upon that have to be achieved
 Mentorship meetings are expected to take place at least once a month and each party will have to provide monthly feedback to the Centre manager on the progress or lack thereof.
 clients to link with other CFERI stakeholders including Corporates, established entrepreneurs, financiers or investors who are critical to the success of the entrepreneurs
 Peer to peer interactions and learning will also be encouraged among entrepreneurs through monthly progress update meetings, discussion sessions etc. as entrepreneurs at different lifecycle stages (pre start up, start up and early growth) will be selected.
State of the art facilities
 include computers, printers/copiers with high speed Wi-Fi, a boardroom for business meetings, and an auditorium.
 will be equipped with high tech machinery including 3D printers, scanners, CNC router, laser cutter that will promote small scale manufacturing for wood and light metals.
 Clients will be able to design and then print prototypes using 3D printers
Access to markets
 through enterprise and supplier development programmes driven by the Centre
 negotiating offtake contracts for products produced at the CFERI.
Access to funding
 in the form of grants and loans from various sources such as the NYDA, SEDA, SEFA, DTI, private etc.
Technology Support
 clients will be supported to acquire technology for the production process
 assistance in commercialisation of technological innovations