WCC Residence Application Form

WCC Residence Application Form

The college has three residences situated at the Citrusdal, Vredenburg and Vredendal campus hosting males and females. We are currently renting facilities in Atlantis and Malmesbury.

The residence has live in supervisors and a staff complement which ensures the effective running of the residence.

Students in residence are expected to comply with strict residence rules with an academic study programme built into the residency. This has proven to be quite successful with students in residence boasting good results, certification and throughput. Increasingly space in residence is much sought after.

Students are accommodated in dormitory facilities with a bed space provided. Communal eating and studying space & wash facilities available.

  • Students to complete an application form to gain access for following year.
  • Criteria apply. Academic performance in previous year is a key criterion.
  • Limited Financial Aid available.
  • Please note, students will NOT be transported to and from their home towns at the end of the college term or at the commencement of a new academic term – it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that he/she returns on the first day of term. The residence is not open to students during this period unless prior arrangements are made with the relevant campus manager.
  • Own bedding, cutlery and locks to be provided.


Accommodation for 2017 will be as follows:
Total1 182