by Jean Baartman – West Coast TVET College Recruitment Practitioner

TVET colleges are the heartbeat of skills development and artisan training in the SA and as the need for development in various trades and occupations increase, we see more and more woman taking the lead in this regard.

Sharivian Buders is a construction company owned and run by two former West Coast College students who completed the Department of Labour’s National Certificate Building and Civil Construction programme.

Shadika Riddles and Yvonne Solomons after showing their dedication and work ethic was of a high standard, they were selected and asked if they would like to start a business. Being friends, this ‘call’ for them was an overwhelming ‘Yes’. They were then granted R20 00 by the department to register and start their business.

Ms Solomons says: “I heard about the opportunity from a family member who knew that I had an interest in construction sector. Although I had some concerns regarding the possible age restrictions required by the programmes. I remained steadfast in my faith and knew that this opportunity was mine,”

The company name Sharivian is a combination of Shadika and Yvonne names and specializes in paving, plastering and building projects.

‘We would like to encourage other women to follow their dreams and be grounded in their faith’ adds Shadika and Yvonne.

Shadika Riddles and Yvonne Solomons with Facilitator Mr. Moegsen Fataar in the construction workshop