by Rehana Basson – West Coast TVET College Recruitment Practitioner

Too many people worldwide, the month of October is a particular important month. It is thus imperative that we continue to join forces with awareness programmes, fundraisers and properly facilitating processes during October and prior to this. It will surely contribute towards improving breast cancer screening, early detection and support to those in need.

In October this year (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), West Coast TVET College joined forces with local stakeholders, which includes Mfesane (a Christian development non-profit organisation) and Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) to create proper Awareness and bring the Health services to the staff and students. This particular event was organised by Ms. Rehana Basson who is responsible for the Marketing and Communication at Vredenburg Campus. Every Friday in October, all staff and students were encouraged to wear pink.

This awareness session is very important to me. I do awareness throughout the year, as this lies very close to my heart and together we should fight the ignorance around Breast Cancer. It is of utmost importance that people know what to look out for, how they can assist a loved one and how to self-examine their breast – says Basson.

The various themes celebrated internationally this year, included, but not limited to RISE: Rally in Supporting, Serving and Screening everyone. In addition, “Buddying up with one another”, because no one should fight cancer alone, just to name a few. This is to encourage all women to go for their mammogram screening and continue self-examining, with the support of their family and friends to overcome fear, anxiety and uncertainty.

West Coast TVET College, Mfesane and CANSA joining forces to create Awareness about Breast Cancer.