Qualification code: 90102
NQF level: 7
Total credits: 480
SAQA ID: 105109
Admission Point Score: 23

Students who are interested in a career in education aimed at the Foundation Phase (Grade R to Grade 3) can apply to register at West Coast College. The College is one of 3 TVET Colleges in the Western Cape who offer additional support and tuition for Unisa students, based on an agreement with Unisa.
Please complete the Enquiry form. Download it here, complete by hand and scan and mail to info@westcoastcollege.co.za

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s):
1. What is the support offered by WCC to students who study towards the degree?
– Part-time classes are offered on alternative Saturdays at the Malmesbury campus of WCC.
– Ten sessions per semester is offered to support students with distance learning studies.
– Free internet access is available during tuition.
– Lecturers are endorsed by Unisa.

2. How do I become part of the class group?
– Register at West Coast College at the start of the academic year.
– Proof of Unisa registration and payment of registration fee is compulsory.
– Currently part time classes are NOT offered at other campuses.
– Class attendance is compulsory.

3. How do I start with the application process?
– Apply online at Unisa during the application period. (20 August – 27 September 2019)
– Ensure that a certified copy of the greenbar ID, as well as a certified NSC/SC/NCV is uploaded during the online application. Upload a marriage certificate if applicable.

4. What is the application fee?
– A non-refundable fee of R110 is payable to Unisa. Please refer to Unisa’s website: www.unisa.ac.za for further details.

5. What happens if I do not pay the application fee?
– Only students who have paid the application fee will be accepted.
– The fee is payable before the closing date of application.

6. Can I apply later if I missed the application period in September?
– No. The new curriculum for B.Ed. comprise of 10 year modules for Year 1 (First level).
– Students have to register for all modules at the start of the academic year in January.

7. What if my previous application was unsuccessful?
– Students who were unsuccessful in the past must use their Unisa student number to apply again during the application period.
– Students will be accommodated on the basis of the number of places available for each qualification.

8. How do I know if my application was successful?
– You can track your application status online. You must accept or decline Unisa’s offer within the prescribed period of time.
– You must apply for two qualifications but can only accept one offer.

9. What are the Admission requirements at Unisa to study for the B.Ed. degree?
– NSC (National Senior Certificate) with a Degree endorsement. At least 50% in the language of teaching and learning (English) and 40% in Mathematics or 50% in Mathematical Literacy.
– SC (Senior Certificate) – please refer to Unisa’s website.
– NC(V) (Level 4) – please refer to Unisa’s website.

10. Can I apply with my Grade 11 marks?
– Current Grade 12’s can apply with their grade 11 marks or available grade 12 marks.
– It is the responsibility of the student to inform the University of his/her Grade 12 results.

11. When can I register?
– Registration opens at the start of the academic year (January 2020).

12. What is the APS score?
– In South Africa, universities use APS points as one of the tools to see if applicants qualify for their respective programmes.
– Please refer to https://educonnect.co.za to calculate your Admission Point Score.

13. Is a National Benchmark Test (NBT) applicable to study at Unisa?
The test is not compulsory for B.Ed. studies.

14. Are there bursaries available?
– Various bursary options are available. Please refer to www.unisa.a.za/studentfunding
– Apply at West Coast College. T’s and C’s apply.

15. Where can I access additional support and information?
Please call the Central Office at 022 4821143 or mail to: info@westcoastcollege.co.za
GROUP A (Compulsory Modules)
1. BPT1501
2. BTE2601
3. CIC2601
4. EMA1501
5. EML1501
6. SED2601
7. TAM2601
8. TPF2601

Choose between ENG1514 (First Additional Language) OR ENG1515 (Home Language)

Choose ONE Language of Conversational Competence – it must not be the Home Language or First Additional Language. Choose between AFK1505 OR XHO1507.