West Coast TVET College in collaboration with the National Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) along with the support of the Provincial Department of Environmental Affairs and the Swartland Municipality took on the task use their 67minutes as part of Mandela Day this year to clean the Diep Rivier in Malmesbury.

The Deputy Mayor of the Swartland Municipality together with some of the councillors together with the Deputy Minister of DWS took to the river to clean the banks and some parts of the Diep Rivier on as part of this Clean Rivers Campaign that the College hosted in conjunction with Mandela Day.

The day started with an opening programme where the various stakeholders and the DWS explained the background of their clean rivers campaign where they then invited the various stakeholders from the community to sign a pledge as they pledge to “keep our river clean.”

“The cleaning and clearing of the river is a very good idea, because during the droughts that we have experienced, we can fall into poverty, such as limitations , neatness of human beings and unhealthy disease conditions that have plunged man into poverty.” said Deputy Mayor: Swartland Municipality, Maude Goliath during the opening of the Clean Rivers Campaign / Mandela Day Celebrations at West Coast TVET College. “Respect your fellow man and the environment,” she added.

The day also saw DWS Deputy Minister: David Mahlobo, attended the event who also jumped into the Diep Rivier to clean it as part of his 67 Minutes.

“Our rivers are our legacy that we leave behind for our children and future generation. We need to look after it so that our future generations can experience and enjoy the rivers too,” said Deputy Minister Mahlobo regarding the cleaning of the rivers and water supply in our communities.

Every year the College takes on various tasks to celebrate Mandela Day. From cleaning up the streets to handing out soup to the needy in the surrounding areas of Malmesbury but this year, the College wanted to do more. They wanted to do something that will not only have and make an impact in one day, but that would have more longevity. The DWS got into contact with West Coast TVET College and the plan to link the Clean Rivers Campaign with the College’s Mandela Day Activities was born.

“We got in contact with the DWS and they partnership that formed from that we believe will continue in the years to come that we not only can influence our community to look after the river now, but also in the future,” says Rhazia Hamza (Deputy Principal: Innovation and Development)