This page has been created to inform you about what is happening and relevant regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. The page aims to cut through the fake news and bring you what is South Africa, the Western Cape and West Coast College doing regarding the pandemic. The page acts as an info hub and will be updated regularly.

We, as the college, are still creating various opportunities that will allow our current students to continue with online teaching and learning. The college has started with preparations to resume activity at the Campuses and the Central Office.

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Let us start thinking differently about the Coronavirus

Capacity Building for staff and students:

This is what West Coast College is doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19

President Ramaphosa speaks to the Nation on 30 March 2020 (Speech)

President Ramaphosa addressing the nation on 25 March – Declaring a national lockdown

SA Records first deaths of COVID-19

Info on what the National Lockdown means to you

Covid-19 Visualiser

What would happen if you break any of the Lockdown rules?

Department of Trade and Industry on essential services that will still carry on during the lockdown

West Coast College in the Swartland Gazette about what the college is doing to curb the spreading of the virus (Afrikaans Article)

So you think you have been infected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus, what now?

Testing for COVID-19

President Cyril Ramaphosa Declares Covid-19 a National Disaster

DHET Circular regarding the COVID-19 virus

Persistence of the Coronavirus on surfaces

Debunking the myths of Covid-19

Paarl confirmed case of COVID


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