(Ref. no: WCC 80/18) ICT Manager – Malmesbury Central Office
Salary Level 9
Salary range: R 356 289. 00 – R 419 679. 00 plus benefits per annum
Permanent position: Subject to 12 months’ probation period.
Basic Requirements: Diploma in Computer Science with proven experience and professional courses (MCSE, MCITP, CISCO) or BSC Degree in Computer Science. 3-5 years management experience, Drivers licence.
Key performance areas: Maintain a reliable, secure and efficient data communications network-ability to deploy, maintain and monitor all active network equipment in order to ensure smooth network operations; ensure ICT compliance in respect of: ICT governance, development and implementation of policy and management of monitor work performance (availability, utilisation, throughput, goodput and latency) and test for weakness; performing ICT risk assessment, ensure development, establishment of appropriate governance and ICT policies, infrastructure, integration, disaster recovery, business continuity, security and standard workup procedures and ICT change management policy.

(Ref No: WCC 81/18) Quality Assurance Manager – Central Office, Malmesbury
Salary range: R 356 289. 00 – R 419 679. plus benefits per annum
Salary Level 9
Permanent position: subject to 12 months’ probation period.
Basic requirements: Diploma or Degree in Quality 3 to 5 years relevant management experience;
Key performance areas: To manage a quality assurance component which entails the following: Give guidance to subordinates; develop and maintain quality management systems; implement and monitor all quality management systems; audit quality of all activities; develop and implement quality improvement plans; conduct research regarding latest developments in education; ensure compliance to international standard through audit process.
Knowledge: Quality Assurance and TQM methodology; labour legislation and policies; education legislation and policies; SETA Act; CET Act; Health & Safety Act; policy development; project planning; management; financial and human resource; facilities; performance; valid driver’s licence.
Skills: Analytical thinking; strategic thinking; budgeting skills; communication literacy; conflict resolution; monitoring; evaluation and reporting; presentation; problem solving; research; statistical analysis.

Closing date: 27th July 2018 @ 13:00.
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