(Ref. No: WCC 24/2019) Assistant Lecturer Mathematics – Vredenburg Campus
One year fixed term contract
Salary: R250 000 cost to company p.a. (DEDAT Funded)
Basic Requirements: Grade 12; teaching qualification in the relevant field; relevant qualifications or other related qualifications; assessor and moderator training advantageous; industry experience will be an added advantage; computer literacy and a valid driver’s licence.
Key Performance Areas: Support the lecturer by assisting the students during the Mathematics lesson after the lecturer has explained the work. Support students with the classroom activities and homework problems in the classroom on an individual, class or small group basis. Offer additional academic support in the form of extra lessons, tutorials and worksheets. Assist with extra lessons after hours or on Saturdays. Assess, monitor and record students’ progress and provide feedback to both student and lecturer. Complete additional duties as assigned by the Mathematics Programme Manager / HOD as having been identified as being beneficial for the improvement of mathematics. Assess the needs of students and use detailed knowledge and specialist skills to support students’ learning of Mathematics. Establish productive working relationships with students, acting as a role model and setting high expectations. Support students consistently whilst recognising and responding to their individual needs. Encourage students to interact and work co-operatively with others and engage all students in activities. Provide feedback to students with regard to progress, achievement, behaviour, attendance etc. To assist students during a dedicated period to improve Mathematics through computer programmes the college has purchased, e.g. “Ask Archie”. In consultation with the lecturer be prepared to liaise with the parent/guardian the attendance and progress of the student.

(Ref. No: WCC 25/2019) Academic Support Tutor – Mathematics – Atlantis Campus
(Ref. No: WCC 26/2019) Academic Support Tutor – Mathematics – Vredenburg Campus
(Ref. No: WCC 27/2019) Academic Support Tutor – English – Vredenburg Campus
(Ref. No: WCC 28/2019) Academic Support Tutor – Information Processing & Computer Practise – Vredenburg Campus
(Ref. No: WCC 29/2019) Academic Support Tutor – Information Processing & Computer Practise – Malmesbury Campus
(Ref. No: WCC 30/2019) Academic Support Tutor – Financial Management (N4-N6) – Malmesbury Campus
Eight months contract
Salary: R4500 per month
Basic Requirements: NC(V) Level 4 or NATED N6 or recently graduated in a relevant field of study. Good organisational and planning skills; Knowledge of the relevant subjects in NCV or Nated programs; Ability to work under pressure; Ability to tutor students relevant subjects; Able to adapt and be flexible towards the different learning styles.
Key Performance Areas: Assisting students in identifying problem areas through question and answer; Using examples to demonstrate concepts and theories, providing opportunity for practice. Attends to problems relating to work dealt in lectures. Provide alternative methods of instruction by explaining in their own style and in terms which the student will understand; Conduct the number of tutorials per week as per timetable throughout the trimester/semester/year; Conduct test on remedial and support work; Mark work completed in tutorial sessions; Keep an attendance register of students attending tutorial sessions; Keep a time sheet to record times and dates of tutorials; Provides general assistance and guidance to students.

Closing date: 12th April 2019 @ 14:00.
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