Qualification code: 90093
NQF Exit Level: 5
Total credits: 120
APS: 15
SAQA ID: 101813
Duration of study: One year (10 modules)

Please complete the Enquiry form. Download it here, complete by hand and scan and mail to info@westcoastcollege.co.za

This qualification will be presented using both online and distance learning modes at Unisa.
It is a Unisa qualification which will be offered part time by West Coast TVET College at the following campuses:
• Malmesbury campus
• Vredenburg campus

Admission requirements:
A National Senior Certificate (NSC) with at least 30% in the language of teaching and learning, or A Senior Certificate (SC) with at least an F symbol on HG or an E symbol on SG in the language of teaching and learning, or A National Certificate (Vocational) Level 4 with an equivalent of at least 40% in the language of teaching and learning in terms of the NSC.

Students enrolling for and completing the Higher Certificate in Education with the intention to apply for admission towards either the B.Ed Foundation Phase of the B.Ed Intermediate Phase have to select MTE 1501 (Mathematics 1 for Teachers) as one of the elective modules.

The second elective module choice will depend on the B.Ed phase you intend to pursue after completion of this Higher Certificate. For Foundation Phase Unisa offers two electives: ATH1501 and GRT1501. If a student studies at West Coast College the elective to choose is GRT1501 (Grade R teaching).

Purpose statement:
The purpose of this qualification is to provide access, with a reasonable chance of success, to candidates with potential who otherwise would not meet the new minimum entry requirements. The curriculum is aimed at providing these students with the necessary basic skills to succeed within the Open Distance Learning (OdeL) environment and also some articulation into first year undergraduate Degree/Diploma qualifications offered.

First level (Year 1)
Level Combination Rules:
Group A; Choose all 8 compulsory modules.
CAD 1501 Child and Adolescent Development (1st semester)
INS 1502 Developing Information Skills for Lifelong Learning (1st semester)
PSC 1501 Practical Science for the Classroom (1st semester)
AFL 1501 Language through an African Lens (2nd semester)
BPT 1501 Being a professional teacher (2nd semester)
DPP 1501 Diversity, Pedagogy and Practice (2nd semester)
EST 1501 Academic proficiency in English for student Teachers (2nd semester)
EUP 1501 Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions
(2nd semester)

Group B; Choose 2 modules from the group.
MTE 1501 Mathematics 1 for Teachers (1st semester)
GRT 1501 Introduction to Grade R Teaching (1st semester)
For further information, please visit Unisa website: www.unisa.ac.za



  1. Apply online via the Unisa website. www.unisa.ac.za

A prospective student must apply for two qualifications during the online application, Option 1: B.Ed Foundation Phase; Option 2: Higher Certificate in Education.

  1. Pay the application fee of R115 into the provided Unisa account. (Please note: application fee is payable upon first application.)
  2. When an applicant receive a student number from Unisa, the number must be used in all future communication. (This Unisa student number must be filled in on the West Coast College enquiry form.)
  3. Online applications can be tracked on the Unisa website.

1. Complete the West Coast College Enquiry form. https://www.westcoastcollege.co.za/wcc2/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/WCC-Unisa-Studies-Enquiry-Form-3.pdf 
2. Attach a certified ID and National Senior Certificate (NSC) or applicable Grade 12 certificate.
3. Students who have not completed Grade 12 yet can apply with a Grade 11 November School certificate.
4. Attach any other qualifications obtained.
5. Send this information to info@westcoastcollege.co.za or deliver by hand to our Vredenburg, Malmesbury or Central Office.

– Feedback from Unisa will only be in 2021. If an application is successful the proof (letter from Unisa) must be send to the College at the following address: info@westcoastcollege.co.za

– A successful candidate must contact the College for further information on the registration process in 2021. Only successful applicants can then complete the West Coast College registration process for 2021 studies as the Unisa student number will then be linked to the WCC system.


It is the prospective students’ own responsibility to apply for funding. If you qualify for government funding you can apply by going to the Nsfas website at https://my.nsfas.org.za/Application

Alternatively you can apply at Funza Lushaka for funding: http://www.funzalushaka.doe.gov.za/