In accordance with the CET Act of 2006, the college students need to elect their leadership that will represent the students in the college leaderships structures. And who will be serving on the College Council – The highest leadership structure in the college sector. This will be done this year online.

Why are we doing it online?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the college more aware of various activities that we can change to encourage social distancing and by doing things, like the online voting of the SRC, we are encouraging social distancing and mitigating any possible transmission of COVID-19. The online process is also much quicker and can be verified more accurately and therefore the announcement can be made sooner.

You will click on ONE of the following links to cast your vote:

Atlantis Campus

Citrusdal Campus

Malmesbury Campus

Vredenburg Campus

Vredendal Campus

Make your mark and become part of history.

Rules and regulations:
• You only have ONE vote
• You may ONLY vote for your campus – Should it be found that you vote for another campus, your votes will be disqualified and not count
You have only till Tuesday 8 February 2022 to vote
Your details are necessary so that all information can be verified and checked for the final outcome
• The election data will announce the outcome of the elections and that will be the final outcome – No further discussion will be entered into