West Coast TVET College Malmesbury Campus took the idea of living greener and reducing, reusing and recycling to the next level with the introduction of the guest room project.

The idea of the project was taken from the Lyceé Friant, a College in the Burgandy region in France by the College‘s Senior Hospitality Lecturer– Erroleen De Kock, during her visit as part of an annual exchange programme.

“We took this idea and changed to a more South African, local setting and told our Hospitality Level 2 Services students to create a guest room but only use recycled material,” said Erroleen De Kock, Senior Hospitality Lecturer at West Coast TVET College Malmesbury Campus.

As a result of the interesting creations that were created the Campus changed the whole idea from just a project to a competition. This lead to 14 recycled guest rooms being chosen out of 45 rooms and finally the top three were chosen.

“The top three rooms were very creative and really caused the judges some headache,” said Janine Adonis, owner of Malmesbury Guest House.

West Coast TVET College will be looking at incorporating more “green” initiatives as part of the class projects to help foster a “reduce, re-use, recycle” mind-set in the student population.