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TVET College Newsletters

Newsletters are in PDF format and can be downloaded and read at your convenience. If you can’t view PDF’s, download a PDF reader here.

Older TVET Newsletters are available at their website

2018 TVET College Times

Vol 53           June 2018                  TVET College’s: Supporting Entrepreneurship Development

Vol 52           March 2018               TVET College’s: Academic Year 2018 off to a flying start

2017 TVET College Times

Vol 51           December 2017         TVET College’s: Your Vocation starts here

Vol 50          September 2017        TVET College’s: Special 50th Edition

Vol 49          June 2017                   TVET College’s: Bridging the Employability Gap

Vol 48          March 2017                TVET College’s: First Choice Centres of Innovations

2016 TVET College Times

Vol 47          December 2016          TVET College’s: Institutions of Choice

Vol 46          September 2016         TVET College’s: A National Priority

Vol 45          June 2016                    TVET College’s: in Pursuit of Excellence

Vol 44          March 2016                 TVET College’s: A community of skills

2015 TVET College Times

Vol 43          December 2015           TVET College’s: Focussed on employability

Vol 42          September 2015          TVET College Graduate: SA’s key resource

Vol 41          June 2015                    TVET College spark artisan training

Vol 40          March 2015                 TVET Colleges: A bedrock of skills development